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The Plan

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Second Proposal from Sk8park Atlas



Public awareness!  Skateparks promote recreation within communities, offer an outlet for youth who are not involved in traditional team sports, and attract new business opportunities, like skateshops and food concessions. They also provide wheeled sports enthusiasts a legal and appropriate setting to practice their sport, and give both skaters and spectators a place to come together.


Repair the existing 5,850 square foot concrete slab.  Then for phase one, new metal obstacles (jumps, ramps, and rails) can be added.

Later in phase 2, envisions a pumptrack (a loop of rollers and berms that requires neither pedaling nor pushing but a “pumping” action to maintain momentum) surrounding and feeding into the obstacles.

Benefits of Skate Parks

Skateparks support people of all ages who wish to pursue active, healthy lifestyles by providing a safe, fun, contained area to practice their sport.

Skateparks provide a decade or more of service with no substantial maintenance requirements, yielding unparalleled return on investment.

 Skateparks get more recreational use hours than any other local recreational facility.

The benefits to skaters’ health also provide good leverage with your community’s decision-makers. In areas where childhood obesity rates are high and school retention rates are low, skateparks keep youth motivated, engaged and active.

A new park attracts new visitors. Expect skaters from surrounding locales to see what the hype is about, and to grab lunch at nearby restaurants or enjoy a weekend skate-cation in your town. If your park is right for it, you can also host tournaments and competitions, attracting even more attention and visitors to your area.

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