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05: So many Skate Park Updates!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

HOW IS IT THE END OF JUNE ALREADY? These past 2 months have flown by and we have many updates to share! First let's share our upcoming important dates.

MTSP Pre-Board Meeting Skate Park Meet-up! July 12th 5:50pm-6:50pm

Join us for a quick session and chat before we roll over to the township board meeting to discuss our alternative proposal! This would be a great opportunity to express concerns or ask questions before we go before the board at 7pm.

Milton Township Board Meeting: July 12th, 7pm, 7023 Cherry St., Kewadin, MI 49648

This is within walking distance of the skatepark. Please come down and show your support for the proposed renovations. We will not ask you to speak unless you feel comfortable doing so. :)

Now for the rest of the updates...

Congratulations to Sasha on taking home the skateboard during our Cherry Capital Comic Con giveaway! Sasha says, "she's a beginner skater" who looks forward to learning more about skateboarding! Keep shredding Sasha! We look forward to those updates! And if you wear out that board, let us know; we got you.

Sasha standing in front of a tree with a skateboard she won from our raffle.
Sasha is ready to roll!

Donated Halfpipe is not an option

We were contacted by a local resident who had an awesome halfpipe he was willing to donate to MTSP. Unfortunately, the height was too large and coordinating the efforts to relocate this ramp did not align with the timeline set forth by the donor. This beautiful ramp went to another home where it will be well skated by the community. But don't despair! Changes are coming!

Thompsonville & Sk8park Atlas land 2nd annual best trick competition

We took a field trip town to Thompsonville to check out the 2nd annual best trick skateboard competition on May 22 and boy did we have a great time! Everyone was very welcoming, focused, and fun! Sk8park Atlas did an amazing job putting on this event which included skaters from all over Michigan! One thing I really loved about this park is the versatility it presents. Several skaters are able to go simultaneously with little to no worry for collisions and several options for different runs to take. Since completion of phase 2, they have seen 0 defacing or vandalism! If you haven't been out to their revitalized skate park yet, I strongly recommend it. Keep reading to learn more about Sk8park Atlas and the role they will play in Revitalizing MTSP! Below is a quick video of the action!

June Parks and Rec Meeting shows promise for upgrades!

On June 16th we presented an alternative proposal to the Milton Township Parks and Rec board (read the proposal here). The first proposal we submitted, our dream proposal, presented some liabilities for the township so we partnered with Nick from Sk8park Atlas, who revitalized the Thompsonville Skate Park to see what we could come up with! We will be revisiting this proposal with the township board July 12th at 7pm. Please join us and show your support!

Malcolm expressing his excitement over the fresh paint and 0 graffiti since being repainted!

The ramp in blue is a friend to you!

A local skater from Northern MI Skaters found an amazing deal on quality concrete paint. She took the time to paint the quarter pipe section and I just have to say THANK YOU to the community for maintaining this space for over a week with no new tagging or graffiti! If you see someone defacing the property or see new inappropriate words at the park, don't hesitate to reach out! We'll head on over and take care of it ASAP!

And on to some personal stuff... As some of you may have heard, we may have to move away from Elk Rapids due to our current housing situation. This will not affect our passion for fixing up this park. We will see this project through to completion regardless of where we end up moving which is hopefully still in Antrim County!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please comment below or reach out to us at

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