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09: Concrete coming soon...

This past Sunday the weather held off long enough for Skatepark Atlas DBA( Perspective Skateparks ) to paint the remaining concrete at MTSP.

The recent spell of moist weather has also set back the pouring of concrete to Wednesday & Thursday (10.26 - 10.27).

This moves our updated finish date back till around the 1st of November. I know it's a bummer but remember; WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS and these obstacles will be here for us to enjoy for years to come!

During this waiting period, the Township has removed vines and trees along the road. We're grateful for this increased visibility on Skate Park!

Keep an eye out for updates, we're hopeful to get an event together before the years end but as all you skaters know, mother nature may have other plans.

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Want to make a donation? Accepting donations for phase two right here at

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