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07: Renovations to begin this week!

Greetings all! Thank you for your patience as we navigate the fine details of the Milton Township park renovation. Nick from Skatepark Atlas has confirmed that they will begin construction THIS WEEK! We've turned in all the necessary paperwork to the township and he'll be looking to coordinate volunteers in a few weeks when the concrete arrives!

You can reach out to him by text or phone 810-285-6380 or via social media on instagram

I know we've been quiet, but we've been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we get this project done within our budget! To those that sent messages, thank you. I hope this update answers your questions and gets you excited for the weeks that follow!

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for keeping the park clean! Don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions! We'll do our best to respond in a timely manner!


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